CitizenGO London organizes a vigil in London to support Tafida Raqeeb

CitizenGO London organizes a vigil in London to support Tafida Raqeeb

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 11th, 2019. - This Thursday, September 12, several volunteers of the international CitizenGO platform will organize a night vigil in Trafalgar Square at 6:30pm, to pray for Tafida Raqeeb, the five-year-old girl in a coma who does not let go to Italy to continue with Your treatment.

The vigil was organized before a five day court hearing has been scheduled for the week beginning on September 9th, when Mr Justice Macdonald will decide whether or not Tafida can be allowed to travel to Italy to receive the medical care which could save her life. 

What: Vigil for Tafida

When: September, 12th at 6:30 pm

Where: Trafalgar Square. Map.

In a number of press interviews, Tafida's mother has confirmed that her daughter is not terminally ill, but recovering from a brain bleed from which it will take time to recover. Tafida is able to breathe independently and it is hoped that once she is fitted with a tracheostomy and PEG feeding tube - treatment which was originally promised to the family, she may be able to be moved into a chair and begin a programme of rehabilitation. “What Tafida needs most is time as it could take up to a year for the connections in her brain to re-establish”, said Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO London director. 

Apart from this vigil, the international platform CitizenGO has put in motion an online campaign called“Let Tafida Raqeeb go to Italy” that has collected over 224.000 signatures in support, addressed to the Senior Management at the Royal London hospital/Barts Health Trust, in which they demand that the Hospital let her go to Italy.  

To this signature collection campaign, countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Argentina, USA, Canada, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovak, among others have been joined.



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