Coca Cola withdraws an LGTB campaign in Hungary thanks to a CitizenGO campaign

Coca Cola withdraws an LGTB campaign in Hungary thanks to a CitizenGO campaign



- As a result of  the petition launched by CitizenGO Hungary, the public requested that advertising campaign on the public streets was withdrawn.
BUDAPEST, August 19th, 2019.- The multinational corporation Coca Cola has had to withdraw the controversial LGBT advertisements from the streets of Budapest in which a couple of men embraced after the signature collection campaign launched by CitizenGO Hungary and which exceeded 40,900 signatures of support.
In the petition, which went viral internationally, citizens demanded that street advertising be withdrawn because “the homosexual content promoted on the posters threatens public morals, since homosexual relationships are contrary to natural moral law and family as the basis for the survival of the nation. ” They also cite the Hungarian law that says "Hungary protects the institution of marriage as a voluntary communion between men and women, and the family as a basis for the survival of the nation."

Citizens have also defended the right of parents to educate their children according to their convictions. "It is primarily the responsibility and responsibility of parents to teach children about human relationships."

CitizenGO campaign director in Hungary, Eszter Zaymus, explained that this poster withdrawal is a “semi-victory” since the company has replaced them with others in which you can read “Love is Love” in color. So he has urged continuing with the “boycot” of the brand since “they are not stopping the display of messages that promote homosexuality”.

This campaign has also had the public support of the deputy of Fidesz, the party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, István Boldog, who made a call 
 on Facebook to boycott the beverage company until the posters were removed. “I reject the Coca Cola poster campaign. Until your provocative posters are removed from Hungary, I will not drink your products. This is what I ask everyone, ”said the deputy.


Eszter Zaymus