#Letmelive! A cry against abortion at CSW 2019

#Letmelive! A cry against abortion at CSW 2019



-CitizenGO launched a pro-life bus to defend life, gave a speech on the floor of the UN, and delivered more than 150,000 signatures to foreign ministries. 

-The organization Open Democracy, led by George Soros, openly recognized the danger that organizations like CitizenGO represent to their pro-abortion interests.

NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MARCH 22ND 2019.- The 63rd Commission on the Status of Women just concluded at the United Nations. The event featured a bus from CitizenGO with the message "Let me live!" For five days, the bus drove around the UN Headquarters in New York. CitizenGO also participated by giving a speech on the floor of the UN. The speech was given by CitizenGO's Campaign Director for Africa, Ann Kioko. Ann participated alongside other directors from CitizenGO, such as Gregory Mertz from the US, and David Cooke from Canada. Campaigners also delivered over 150,000 signatures at the foreign ministries for the UN in Russia, Croatia, and Argentina.

The bus "has not left any participating delegation indifferent," says Gregory Mertz. Campaigns directors from CitizenGO also met personally with delegates from the US, Russia, Malaysia, and many other participating countries. They delivered more than 150,000 signatures against abortion from an online petition launched at the start of this year’s CSW meeting. The petition asks delegates to oppose abortion, gender ideology, and sex education to minors, and to instead support projects that actually help women, especially women in rural and developing areas.

In an interview with Current News, Ann Kioko commented that the bus “Is sending a clear message in the name of unborn children: that you have to let them live.”

CitizenGO targeted by the pro-abortion lobby

On March 13th, George Soros'Open Democracy published an article titled: "Religious and market fundamentalisms threaten gender equality at UN summit." In that article, CitizenGO was specifically called out as one of the "large and loud ultra-conservative civil society organizations.”

In response, CitizenGO's President Ignacio Arsuaga comments: “The fact that these enemies of the family see us as a threat is a privilege. Those would see the family destroyed know that they have us - and the ten million people we give voice to - to  contend with.”

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