CitizenGO brings out its Pro-Life bus “Let me live” at the UN’s CSW 2019

CitizenGO brings out its Pro-Life bus “Let me live” at the UN’s CSW 2019



-More than 143.000 people have supported the petition addressed to the United Nations in a couple of weeks, to empower women and defend their true rights. The right to live is fundamental.

NEW YORK, Monday, March 18th2019.- The International organization CitizenGO has launched a bus with a pro-life message today in the surroundings of the New York UN Headquarters, to ask the delegates present at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 2019 to defend the lives of unborn babies. The bus, entirely wrapped in black, features a baby saying “Let me live!”, and it is scheduled to run from today until Friday 22nd, closing day of the event.

Five days to stop abortion at the UN

This bus will also be used to deliver more than 143.000 signatures to participating UN delegations, asking them to stop promoting infanticide by Citizen GO’s campaign directors present at the CSW, Ann Kioko (Kenya), Gregory Mertz (United States), and David Cooke (Canada).

This campaign aims to prevent the United Nations from promoting abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity, and a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum designed to teach 3-year-old girls how to masturbate and to explore their sexuality, as stated in the latest draft for the CSW.

Some countries’ delegations have been extraordinarily supportive during meetings with CitizenGO’s spokeswoman Ann Kioko, as well as the other campaigners.

They are leading a pro-life international coalition at the event. This opposes other lobbyists that pushed the initial draft of this year’s CSW meeting, that appeared to follow to the letter a pro-abortion agenda, notably:

-free access to abortion for all women and girls
-abortion as a fundamental human right
-unlimited access to condoms and other methods of birth control
-sexual orientation and gender identity
- comprehensive sexuality education to toddlers.

Ann Kioko is scheduled to speak tomorrow at the CSW, at the invitation of the Holy See, addressing these issues.

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