Experts convene: as a natural right, the parents’ rights are non-negotiable

Experts convene: as a natural right, the parents’ rights are non-negotiable


-Jörg Benedict: “The children’s rights are protected well enough by the Basic Law. There are no loopholes”, regarding the legislation the SPD wants to pass at the expense of parents.

MADRID, February 26th, 2019.- Around 400 guests visited the Symposium Parents Rights vs. the State: What will result out of “Children's Rights” in the Constitution?’ that CitizenGO had organized in collaboration with Demo für Alle action alliance and media partners “Die Tagespost” and “JF-TV” in Wappenhalle, Munich, Germany last Saturday, Feb. 23rd.

Visitors came from all over Germany and Austria, to learn through lectures and exciting discussions about what this topic really deals about, which background and aspirations exist and which experiences have been made in practice and especially in other countries.

The first speaker was Prof. Jörg Benedict, who was well known to the audience by his last year’s lecture at the Frankfurt symposium. He said that “Children are human beings and human rights are for everyone”. He also pointed out that the requirement to enshrine special "children's rights" into the Constitution is not new, as the political left has repeatedly called for that. He concluded that “The children’s rights are protected well enough by the Basic Law. There are no loopholes”.

Then, publicist Klaus Kelle moderated a discussion with Elisabeth Suntinger and Dr. Elke Möller-Nehring, who reported from daily practice in Kindergartens and schools about ‘Education between participation and integration’.

Why the children are better protected with their families

After the lunch break, Prof. Thomas Starks lectured on "Undisputable. Why parental rights are a natural right”, which was a special highlight of the event. He also spoke to JF-TV saying that “Children should stay in their parents’ care except in extreme cases”.

Laurence Wilkinson of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) reported on "State Attacks on Families - Current and Europe-wide". Wilkinson explained the backgrounds of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard’s  cases, who were denied assistance by the British government, as well as cases of state-organized kidnapping of children in Norway, such as the case of the Bodnariu family or the case of Amy Jacobsen, who is fighting for years to get reunited with her son Tyler. And the case of the Wunderlich family persecuted by authorities in Germany for "homeschooling" and teaching their children themselves was explained by Mr. Wilkinson.

In the concluding panel discussion "Parent responsibility today - Lust oder Last", moderated by Klaus Kelle, Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Habermann, Prof. dr. Johannes Schröter and Sabine Weigert of the parents' initiative Bavaria and Patricia Fröhlich talked about practical experiences, which were supplemented with scientific findings by the two professors. All lectures and discussions were recorded and will soon be available on data media and online (in German language).


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