Over 20,000 strong against infanticide in Virginia

Over 20,000 strong against infanticide in Virginia


CitizenGO, in partnership with Personhood Alliance, has delivered over twenty thousand signatures to the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, after a bill was sponsored in the state’s congress to completely dehumanize the child in the womb.

Washington D.C., February 13th, 2019.- CitizenGO US Campaign Director, Gregory Mertz joined Personhood Alliance President Gualberto Garcia Jones in delivering 20,102 signatures to the Office of Governor Ralph Northam. The petition demands Governor Northam stop endorsing a bill that would push abortion to similar lines to the recently approved abortion bill in New York, thus allowing the execution of the baby right before the mother goes into labor. A link to this successful campaign can be found here.

“We want to thank our supporters for making this action possible, for helping us educate Virginia's politicians that abortion is the intentional taking of the life of a unique, innocent human person and cannot be tolerated by a civilized people”, Mertz commented. This campaign takes place at a time when pro-abortion politicians appear to be competing against each other to see who can be more barbaric in their treatment of pre-born babies.

The Repeal Act, which Governor Northam is promoting enthusiastically, would specifically get rid of Virginia's already minimal third-trimester regulations of abortion and would also remove the requirement that life support be provided to babies born alive during a late-term abortion.

Bills similar to the Repeal Act are being introduced in New Mexico, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington, and will be in other states as well. New York passed a similar law after Hillary Clinton and Governor Cuomo lobbied for it. The Governor then ordered the One World Trade Center, a symbol of American resilience to terrorism, to be lit in pink to commemorate the passage of the law.

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